Explore the island of Krk, its rich history and stunning landscapes

Krk is not only Croatia’s largest and most populated island, it is also the most accessible one given that it has its own airport and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. With almost endless natural beaches, numerous intertwined authentic Mediterranean fishing villages and ancient towns boasting historical and cultural monuments, catchy laid back Mediterranean atmosphere and mouth-watering local culinary delights, Krk is one of most sought after island destinations in the northern part of the Croatian coast. Visitors are sure to find the perfect destination and accommodation type since Krk offers a wealth of hotels, apartments and campsites suited for all guests from families, couples to adventure seekers. Wherever you go – quaint Glagolitic Vrbnik, Malinska, Baška, Krk, Omišalj or Jurandvor the sight of Croatian literacy monument Baščanska ploča from the 10th century, you will discover that the ancient world has seamlessly blended into the daily island life of today’s towns bursting with dynamic tourist life.


  • Easiest island to reach
  • Charming medieval towns
  • Beautiful coast
  • Cultural heritage
  • Renowned wines
  • Active holiday haven