Experience all the beauty of the Happy Island of Rab!

The island of Rab, located in Kvarner Bay in the northern Adriatic, is a true paradise for nature lovers and guests who want to enjoy its authentic atmosphere. The island's timeless beauty was recognised way back in history by the Romans, who called it Felix Arba or 'The Happy Island of Rab'. Today, visitors are still attracted by Rab's fantastic nature and the numerous sandy beaches on the Lopar peninsula, impressive secluded coves on the Kalifront peninsula, preserved holm oak forests, fertile valleys, and the rocky peak of Kamenjak, which protects the island in the wintertime from the bura wind. The enchanting town of Rab is recognisable by its four bell towers and medieval walls. This is the main centre of the island, and its streets and squares entice visitors to explore its rich culture and history. In the summer, the old town hosts the Rabska Fjera medieval summer festival, which attracts numerous visitors every year. With its natural and cultural landmarks, the scent of pines and aromatic plants, and the irresistible taste of freshly caught fish or the famous Rab Cake, the island of Rab is truly the happiest choice for a holiday.


  • Distance from the mainland: 15 minutes by ferry
  • The island with the most sandy beaches in the Adriatic, with one to suit every taste
  • Crystal clear sea
  • Attractive old town of Rab
  • Numerous cycling and walking trails
  • Sports on water and land
  • Varied culinary offer
  • Nightlife